Toptrans(Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established on April 28, 2008. The original company's main business includes optical transceiver module assembly. The process production content is mainly diodes, integrated circuits and other components and SMT business of PCB boards.


In January 2018, Toptrans(Suzhou) Co., Ltd. successfully obtained a new round of angel round financing by introducing a number of investment institutions. Now the company is currently focusing on the design, manufacture and sales of high-speed optical chips. The company is aimed at the traditional data communication market and is aimed at optical module manufacturers.


Currently developed and applied in 850nm GaAs-based high-speed multi-mode VCSEL chip products including 25Gb/s-NRZ and 50Gb/s-PAM4. And has expanded to GaAs process production line to meet the market's application and demand for HDMI AOC and various new application. In addition, the company also provides low-power, low-cost VCSEL solutions including 10Gb/s, 14Gb/s and other transmission rates.


The company adheres to the value concept of " Dedication/Cooperation/ Communication/Innovation", and pays attention to teamwork and personal development. Our team has rich experience in optical chip R&D, manufacturing and project management.


Toptrans takes stable product performance, reliable quality, competitive price, and efficient new product development and introduction as its business philosophy. Toptrans has become the main domestic supplier of III-V semiconductor laser chips.