R&D Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
1、 Organize and implement the analysis and evaluation of the feasibility of new product development, and prepare the overall project plan and project mission statement
2、 Responsible for the overall project development plan, control the project development progress and development cost
3、 Responsible for solving the key process and key technical problems of the project
4、 The handover of the project to be transferred to production and the problem tracking and resolution after the transfer

Job requirements:
1、 Master's degree or above, majors in optoelectronic information, optical engineering, physics, materials science, electronics and other related majors are preferred;
2、 Solid theoretical foundation of semiconductor laser chips, with certain design, simulation and analysis capabilities of semiconductor lasers/detectors or optical chips;
3、 Experience in actual product projects such as V CSEL/DFB/FP/PIN/AP is preferred;
4、 At least 2 years experience in semiconductor related industry;
5、 Good communication and collaboration skills, teamwork spirit and ability to bear pressure, proactive and strong sense of responsibility;
6、 Proficiency in statistical analysis tools and good data analysis skills.