Test Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
1、 The promotion of daily V CSEL test tasks and the arrangement of test tasks for production line employees
2、 daily V CSEL reliability verification tasks, and the arrangement of production tasks for production line employees
3、 Test data collation, test report output
4、 Verify equipment requirements, verify equipment construction, acceptance, and output of acceptance reports
5、 OP document output for testing and verification processes , routine maintenance and maintenance of testing and aging equipment
6、 V CSEL test failure reason analysis, reliability verification failure product FA analysis
7、 Test and reliability equipment supplier technical upgrade, technical communication
Job requirements:
1、 Bachelor degree or above, bachelor degree or above in semiconductor, microelectronics and other science and engineering majors, more than three years of work experience for undergraduate, and more than two years of work experience for master's degree
2、 Understand the technical parameters of edge-emitting or V CSEL lasers and the technical principles of testing and aging software and hardware
3、 Understand the hardware and software basics of edge-emitting or V CSEL laser testing and burn-in equipment