Director of Sales

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for formulating annual sales plans, decomposing goals, and implementing them;
2. Predict product sales and formulate sales plans;
3. Responsible for establishing customer data files at all levels and maintaining two-way communication with customers;
4. Develop the market, implement market development according to sales goals and plans, tap potential customers, and ensure market share;
5. Organize market research and analysis, analyze the market and competitors, and seize market opportunities to deal with market crises;
6. Timely summary of sales, reporting and making reasonable suggestions;
7. Responsible for developing and coordinating customer relations, and doing a good job in after-sales service for customers.

1.  Bachelor degree or above, majors in optoelectronic information, optical engineering, physics, materials science, electronics and other related majors are preferred;
2.  More than 5 years of marketing or marketing experience;
3.  Familiar with VCSEL, DFB and other products and specifications, and have certain customer resources;
4.  Have strong market analysis, marketing and promotion capabilities, and can adapt to frequent business trips.