Process Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
1、 Responsible for developing the process flow, building a new process platform, and completing the verification of the process platform
2、 Responsible for formulating and executing tapeout plans , and determining monitoring indicators for process and key parameters
3、 Responsible for semiconductor chip technology application process research
4、 Responsible for component selection, optical path debugging, optical path system optimization or design
5、 Design the experimental plan, analyze and process the experimental data
6、 Production, after-sales problem analysis and technical guidance
7、 Other related work
Job requirements:
1、 Bachelor degree or above, major in physics, materials, optical engineering and other related majors, master's degree is preferred
2、 More than two years of semiconductor process related experience
3、 Familiar with semiconductor laser chip process
4、 Ability to independently design experimental plans and independently analyze and process experimental data
5、 Good at thinking, strong hands-on ability, enterprising, responsible and good at communication